Janice mirikitani, sansei, a third-generation japanese american, was born in stockton, california, just before world war ii, during which she and her family were interned in concentration camps, ; texts in the heath anthology breaking tradition (1978) ; desert flowers (1978) ; for my father (1978) ; recipe (1987) ;

Poet, editor, anthologist, teacher, choreographer, and political activist, janice mirikitani is an important figure in the asian american community and in the literary world. novelguide.com is the premier free source for literary analysis on the web. we provide an educational supplement for better understanding of

After helping the students understand the poem and analyzing in class, invite the students to write about whom they are and what their identity means to them. use the imagery of weed versus flower to help spark discussion and let the students explain what they are: a weed or flower and why.

A 5 page analysis of emily dickinson's poem "after great pain, a 5 page research paper that discusses janice mirikitani's poem 'recipe,' which concerns the desire of some asian women to have 'round' eyes. the wrier discusses the poem and relates this issue to problems of identity and appearance that are common to

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The moving autobiography of zitkala- sa[accent], whose mother was a sioux, tells us more about "otherness" than any sociological treatise, while janice mirikitani's and nellie wong's poems about being young asian-american women, and bodily pleasures (alice b. toklas's haschich fudge recipe; the poem as mask 283

William carlos williams, poem; theodore roethke, focus poems: robert frost, acquainted with the night; edgar allan poe, the haunted palace; kenneth fearing, ad; janice mirikitani, recipe; e.e. cummings, next to of course god america i; stephen crane, a man said to the universe; discussion of analysis papers;


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