Female Officer Survival Program!

Female Officer Survival

“We are not men, not built like men, yet we must be able to survive like the men.  Thanks for helping to prepare us.”

(Female Officer Survival Graduate, 7 years in Law Enforcement)

“Excellent Training!”  “Overall: This survival course was excellent I’m so glad and fortunate to be a part of a dept. that cares about its female officers.”  “This course was very beneficial.”  “I feel more confident in my abilities and the instructors did a great job.”

        This is not an easy course!  Far from it, this is one of the most challenging hands-on courses in law enforcement and yet we have ladies that are signing up to attend the course a second time.  Why?  Because they know that in an actual street situation they will not “rise to the occasion but will rather download to their training!”

Call or email us today to find out how you can host this progressive training program or bring it to your agency.

Advanced Tactical Concepts    330.606-4160    kd1@advancedtacticalconcepts.com

[1] National Center for Women & Policing, 1997

[2] Bureau of Justice Assistance, Recruiting and Retaining Women, 2000.


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