Your agency can host one of Advanced Tactical Concepts unique, state-of-the-art training programs.  You supply the facilities: classroom, room for Defensive Tactics or range (outdoor or indoor) and our experts come to you!  By hosting a course your officers attend for free (2 complimentary spots in most courses).  This is a Win/Win for your agency.  You Win because your officers are able to attend advanced training at your agency and you Win because it’s free!


Host the following courses:


Female Officer Survival Course

“We are not men, not built like men, yet we must be able to survive like the men.” 

·        S.W.A.T. Basic Training – (5 or 10 Day School)  Introduction to S.W.A.T., Mission Planning and Briefing, Narcotics Search Warrants, Barricades, S.W.A.T. Pistol, S.W.A.T. Sub Gun, Hostage Rescue

·        Advanced S.W.A.T. School – (5-Day School)  Advanced Raid, Barricade, CQB Pistol and Sub Gun, Low Light Shooting, Vehicle Assault, Hostage Rescue

·        Advanced Raid School – (3-Day School)  Advanced techniques for Warrant service, Mission Planning and Briefing, Mechanical Breaching, Entry Techniques, Searching Techniques, CQB Pistol and Sub Gun, Close Quarters Countermeasures

·        PPCT (Pressure Point Control Tactics) Defensive Tactics Instructor Course –

(5-Day School)  This is a PPCT Management Systems Certification Course.  Areas covered include: human factors, speed cuffing, pressure points, defensive countermeasures, neck restraints, baton, handgun retention and takeaways.

·        Edged Weapon Awareness and Defense – (2-Day School)  This course is based on the Filipino martial arts.  Areas covered: dangers of edged weapons, reactionary gap, angles of attack, blocking, parrying, disarming, transition to pistol.

·        CQB (Close Quarters Battle) Pistol – (2-Day School)  Advanced close quarters techniques and tactics when officer is “in the hole.”  Combines empty hand with the Pistol.

·        Low Light Pistol – (2-Day School)  Course designed specifically for low and subdued lighting.  Techniques with and without the flashlight.

·        Female Officer Survival – (3-Day School)  Highly rated school exclusively for female officers.  Course combines motivational classroom, empty hand control and live fire range work.  Simulation exercises are second to none.

·        Officer Survival – (3-Day School)  Highly intense and hands-on training in empty hand and range work with the pistol.

·        Use of Force Investigations – (1-Day School)  Classroom training for supervisors and I.A.D. personnel assigned to investigate police use of force.


If you don’t see a course listed inquire.  ATC will custom design a course just for you and your agency.


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