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Have your officers or supervisors been trained in:

Legal Guidelines on Use-of-Force?

Use of Force Reporting?

Investigating Use of Force Incidents?

Excited Delirium and In Custody Death?

Defensive Tactics including Pressure Point Control Tactics, Defensive Countermeasures, Handgun Retention, Tactical Baton, Police Ground Defense and Control, Combat Handgun, Shotgun & Carbine?



Our experts at Advanced Tactical Concepts have the answers you've been looking for about the training you need.

Advanced Tactical Concepts can train your officers at your facility or a location in your jurisdiction. That's right, we come to you! We will sit down with you, examine your needs, conduct surveys of your officers and submit short range and long range training proposals. Advanced Tactical Concepts trains on evenings and weekends to fit your needs so you can have your officers where you need them, on the streets, not away at school.


Advanced Tactical Concepts can train your entire agency in advanced or in-service training.

Let our team of expert trainers instruct your officers in hands-on training or classroom instruction in a custom tailored curriculum that will prepare your officers to face the challenges of the street.

Advanced Tactical Concepts



Our team of experts can make state-of-the-art training available and affordable for your agency.


If you haven't trained with solid, verifiable, annual training call us now!


Advanced Tactical Concepts
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Kevin R. Davis
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